YOLO was a conceptual photo-poetry book collaboration between Brandon Johnson, Sean Patrick Cain, Carina Finn, and Stephanie Berger on the short-lived #wtfislongsdrugspress. The project investigates the phrase "You Only Live Once" in contrast to its carpe diem contemporary pop usage as an ultra-conventional moment mori literary trope presented in the unconventional literary medium of a photographic series. Featuring an inscribed granite headstone positioned in public locations through the city of New York, it’s Charles Baudelaire x Ed Ruscha. Antediluvian literary motif presented through photo-based conceptualism. Ye Olde Grandfather Literature gone meme. In memoriam. #YOLO

The "book" consisted of a series of 27 5x7" photos in a disposable-style hand-made paper packaging stamped with silver ink and sealed with a wax fleur-de-lis.